December 24, is a special day at the Beacon Light Mission.  Annually we host a special Christmas luncheon and give away.  For the last several years we have had a team from Torrance First Baptist Church put on the special Chapel service at 11:00 AM followed by a full Christmas dinner for our guests.  This years team was made up of: Marlene Richardson (piano), Gary Breese (song leader), Marianne Salzer (soloist), Joyce Hosier and Pastor Roger Hosier (message).

What made this service so special was the number of people who responded to the invitation at the end of the service.  Pastor Roger asked those who wanted to make a commitment to Jesus to stand up.  When we finished counting there were 25 people in the chapel who were willing to stand up for Jesus that morning.  What a blessing.

Our motto is “Soup Soap and Salvation”.  Providing for the physical needs of those coming to us for help is important.  These folks come to us for help in meeting their daily needs. Sharing God’s love goes beyond a meal, a bed or a shower.  Meeting their spiritual needs puts then into God’s forever family. We share God’s Good News 365 days a year here at the Mission.

May the Lord continue to bless us as we seek to serve Him.