Friday December 16, was a special day for us at the Beacon Light Mission.  It was Penny Drive Day.

At the Broad Avenue Elementary School in Wilmington, it was the last day of class before their Christmas break. It was a rainy day so the ‘all school assembly’ was cancelled. At this event, the children donate pennies they have collected earlier in the Christmas season so that they can give back to the community.  They donate their pennies to the Beacon Light Mission and the Doors of Hope Women’s Shelter.  Because of the rain, they had each class send children to the school office to make their donations.  This gave Jerry Rilling an opportunity to do something we had never done before, thank the children through the school’s intercom system.

This event started with just one class, Mrs. Debbie Otterson’s, back in the early 90’s.  It then grew to include several classes, and then the whole school became involved.  Now it is an annual event that we look forward to.  This is probably one of the most significant events on our calendar because it is local children expressing their concern for the needy right here in Wilmington.  Their pennies will be used to provide meals, showers and beds for the homeless that come to the Mission for help.  Their pennies will make a difference to someone in need this Christmas season.

We want to thank Angela Tenette, the new school Principal, for all she did in making this event happen this year and a special Thank You to all the children who gave up their pennies to help those in need.

Merry Christmas

The photos include:

Principal Angela Tenette with Steve Cope, Roger Siefken, Jerry Rilling and Bobby Benavidez from the Beacon Light Mission.

Broad Avenue Elementary office staff; Connie Contreras, Amanda Gomez, Eunice Villalobos and Principal Angela Tenetta.

Beacon Light Mission, Staff Coordinator Steve Cope accepting pennies from the Broad Avenue Children.

Principal Angela Tenette receiving pennies from a student.